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Last modified: 03/23/2005 05:37 PM
Resources for CPS developers
Guide du développeur CPS3
03/14/2006. Guide pour apprendre à réaliser un produit de personnalisation d'un site CPSDefault. Ce guide est un peu vieux et incomplet mais présente clairement la démarche de personnalisation de CPS à l'aide d'un script d'installation. Merci à son auteur, Hervé Cauwelier.
HOW-TO : Création de portlets "à la main"
03/14/2006. La démarche pas à pas pour créer un portlet personnalisé sans programmation. Permet de comprendre les mécanismes internes de fonctionnement des portlets.
CPSWorkflow Documentation
09/06/2006. HowTo set up workflows using CPSWorkflow
A CPS Workflow Implementation Procedure
03/14/2006. This document describes a procedure for implementing a business process as a CPS workflow. It is based on the CPSWorkflowHowTo.
Notes on Customizing a CPS Site
03/14/2006. This document contains notes on the process of customizing an installed CPS site. We discuss the use of CPSSkins, themes, portlets, roles, workflows, custom document types (through CPSTypeMaker and CPSSchemas), and the installation of some common products.
Virtual hosting in CPS
03/14/2006. Information about paths/urls handling to make it work with virtual hosting
Understanding and using the CPS Remote Controller
03/15/2006. CPS Remote Controller is a Web Service component for CPS portals. It provides a simple but complete XML-RPC API to perform batch operations from external applications written in Python, Java, PHP, or any programming language with an XML-RPC library. CPS Remote Controller is the simplest way to integrate CPS with external Web Services-enabled applications. It is also useful to perform batch operations such as batch creation of documents, batch publishing or to remotely perform maintenance operations. This guide details the methods provided by CPS Remote Controller and shows sample client scripts in python with both xmlrpclib and twisted.
CPSSkins book
03/16/2006. Documentation for CPSSkins v2
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