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Last modified: 03/14/2006 03:14 PM
This document contains links to download HTML versions of the CPS Users Guide I have been working on. There are 3 HTML versions of the manual available.

The manual displayed as a templet and as a Flexible document.

Downloads Available

There are 3 different HTML downloads available from this document, and a separate download of the images folder. All downloads are ZIP files and will need to be extracted into a folder. The downloads are:

  • A single large html page
  • 7 sections
  • 80 or so html files

You need to download at least one of the HTML downloads, as well as the images file download.
To use the manual, extract the downloaded ZIP archive into a new folder, then extract the images folder into the same location.

Using the Guides

The single page manual just needs to be opened in a browser.

If you want to use the 7 sections you may want to create an index file, or else just open any of the files. These 7 files are almost the same as the PDF version of the manual uploaded separately.

The smaller files are small enough to be viewed on-line.

I created two index pages that allow you to select a chapter heading from a drop down list. The page will be opened in a new window with 2 frames, one with a header, the other containing the chapter selected from the list, without the CPS site surrounding it.

There are 2 versions of the index, one to display in a Flexible document or Page, and the other in a Text templet or Text portlet.

The top image shows the appearance of both of the indexes, with a Portlet on the left and a Flexible document in the main content area. One of the lists has been expanded to show the chapter selections on the list.

The 2 files are named siteindex.html and templet_toc.html

These 2 index files, and the files with the contents of the top frame are included only with the download of the on-line viewable manual. They're not needed for the other files.

To load the manual into a CPS the site I used LocalFS to map the folder containing the HTML pages into the root of the CPS site, then I created a Flexible Document and a Portlet in the CPS site. I used the Frame code below to display the site index file shown in the image.

  <IFRAME border=0 marginWidth=0 marginHeight=0
frameBorder=0 width=100% scrolling=auto height=600>

This CPS site is in a folder named hostedsites.

The CPS site itself is named cpstest

The LocalFS folder mapped to the local disk is named manpages

The html file is named siteindex.html

Using a portlet or templet allows the manual to be used as an online help system. The manual was not really written with this in mind, but some of it may be useful to new users.

The image below shows the style of window that the manual pages are displayed in. Each page selected from the list is opened in a new window.

I have uploaded a separate copy of the manual in PDF format, with bookmarks for all chapters and a bookmark that opens the other PDF files. This can be found in the documentation sectin of the CPS site.

I hope this manual is of some help to new users of CPS.

Steve Meaker


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