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Last modified: 02/20/2005 04:17 PM
CPS User Guide - CPS 3.4 - English PDF
03/14/2006. This manual is a CPS User Guide for version 3.3+ of CPS. It will also be useful for CPS version 3.2 series. The guide is almost finished, and hopefully will be updated soon. This file contains 7 .pdf files. Extract the files into the same folder. Each file has bookmarks and a link to the other files.
CPS User Guide - CPS 3.4 - HTML
03/14/2006. This document contains links to download HTML versions of the CPS Users Guide I have been working on. There are 3 HTML versions of the manual available.
CPS User Guide
09/28/2005. CPS User Guide (in French)
How to control the presentation of Content Portlet items
03/14/2006. This document shows how to control the visual presentation of the Content Portlet items.
Créer un document flexible manuellement 1/2
03/14/2006. Il s'agit de créer un document constitué d'une partie fixe et d'une partie flexible (itérative). L'exemple pris est simplissime, et permet de bien comprendre le mécanisme. L'on ne servira pas du (remarquable) outil CpsTypeMaker, afin de mieux apréhender ce mécanisme.
Créer un document flexible manuellement 2/2
03/14/2006. Suite du document "Créer un document flexible manuellement 1/2"
Sections and Local Roles
03/14/2006. A description of Sections in CPS and how Local roles affect who can see the Section and its contents. This should be of use to those just starting with CPS.
My Stuff & Object Actions
03/14/2006. This document describes the members private area "My stuff" and the "Object actions" menu that a site member sees. This should be of use to new CPS users, as it describes all the commands from the "Object actions" menu available to a member.
Pimp my CPS - CPSSkins screencast
05/03/2006. How-to change the CPS Default Front page/theme in less than one hour using theme editor CPSSkins. Dubbed in french for now, subtitled in english.
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